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» Bed Bath & Beyond Credit Card

Bed Bath & Beyond Credit Card

Bed Bath & Beyond Credit Card

Considering the Bed Bath & Beyond credit card? Thinking about getting a store card? The Bed Bath & Beyond Credit Card is now available, and this review explores what this card has to offer to help customers decide whether to go for it. Please read on for rewards info, interest rates and other terms. This card is a traditional store credit card.

Bed Bath and Beyond MasterCard

The Bed Bath and Beyond MasterCard is now available, and this card has a range of rewards and incentives to help users save more money on small and large purchases like.

This MasterCard offers you five reward points for every dollar spent at Bed Bath and Beyond stores and online plus the retailers other owned stores. You also get one rewards point for every dollar you spend anywhere else that MasterCard is accepted. Once you have reached the milestone of 1000 points you will get a $10 reward card, which you can use to save money on any products you like.

This card also has some attractive introductory savings. You get a $10 reward card for the first purchase you make and you also get a $25 coupon which you can use if you make a spend of a hundred dollars or more.

Unlike many other store cards, because this is a MasterCard you get a number of additional features such as zero liability, travel insurance for when you go abroad, travel assistance services, and extended warranty and assurance for purchases.

Bed Bath and Beyond MasterCard Terms and Conditions

This card offers between 13.99% and 22.99% depending on your credit history. The same APR applies for balance transfers. The APR for cash advances is 23.99%. The minimum interest charge for payments is two dollars. No annual fee. Penalty fees for late payments, returned payments or going over your limit are up to $35. If you want to avoid paying interest you must pay your balance in full by the due date, which is up to 30 days after the close of the previous billing cycle. A complete overview of this credit card’s terms and conditions can be found on the card’s website.

This credit card is issued by US bank and they offer an Internet banking service where you can make payments and manage your account details. Once you are signed in there is a make a payment tab on the left-hand side.

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