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Capital One Credit Card

Capital One Credit Card

This card issuer is trying to have a range of credit cards that will suit different cardholders’ needs as best as possible while remaining competitive in the credit card market.

Personal Banking: Capital One Cash Credit Card

This generous MasterCard offers up to 50% bonus on the cash back a cardholder earns per year, with an additional offer of 1% cash back on every dollar spent on purchases. There is no annual fee to pay and a low introductory APR is offered on purchases as an incentive to sign up. This card is aimed at customers with an excellent credit history, who want to make the most of their credit card spending. Essentially, there is no limit on cash back that can be earned.

There is also a one off $100 bonus payment offered, when a cardholder spends $500 or more on their Capital One Cash Credit Card in the first three months of becoming a member. The intro APR is 0% on purchases and balance transfers until October 2012 with the rate rising to 12.9% up to 20.9% variable APR after that, depending on a cardholder’s creditworthiness. The transfer fee is 3% per transfer until October 2012.

The cash back amount earned can be taken either as a check or taken as an on account credit. See also, Platinum Prestige Card and VentureOne Rewards Card.

Business Banking: Range of Business Credit Cards from Capital One

The valuable small and medium sized business market seems to be Capital One’s target when it comes to the issue of Spark Visa Cards.

The Spark Select card is aimed at business owners who’d like to save money with low introduction rates and want a card that doesn’t charge an annual fee. The intro APR is 0% until July 2012, rising from 9.99% to 19.9% APR variable after that, depending on status. The rewards that can be earned are 1 mile per dollar on all purchases.

The Spark Cash Select Card aims at the business customer who is looking for flexibility of cash rewards, doesn’t want to pay an annual fee and would like to make the most of the cash rewards on offer. This card has an intro APR of 0% until April 2012, rising from 14.9% to 19.9% variable thereafter, depending on status. A 1% cash back reward is earned for every purchase made and there is a 50% bonus available on the cash back one earns during the year. The Spark Cash Select card is only available to businesses with excellent credit history.

The Spark Miles Select Card is more suited for business owners who travel extensively and are looking for rewards that can be redeemed against travel. There is no annual fee. 1 mile per dollar can be earned against every purchase. There is an intro APR of 0% until April 2012, rising from 14.9% to 19.9% variable thereafter, depending on status. As an additional incentive there is a 50% bonus on the number of miles one earns throughout the year.

This card is only available to business owners with an excellent credit history.See also, Business Credit Cards, and Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card.

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