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First Premier Bank Credit Card

First Premier Bank Credit Card

Looking for First Premier Bank credit cards? www.mypremiercreditcard.com is the First Premier Credit Card page for pre-approved credit card offer applications that you may have received in the mail. The purpose of that page is to redirect you to the application for the First Premier credit card in a particular offer. However with the www.mypremiercreditcard.com offer you may qualify for additional offers below. See how your offer compares to other top offers below. If you received a pre-approved offer it is very likely you are pre-approved to apply for a better offer below. Important: Be sure to review and compare the fees and penalties in your offer. Offers for consumers with bad credit or no credit histories have been known to include heavy fees.

As the whole world feels the pinch from the crumbling economy, the chance of slipping into credit card, or any other debt is ever easier. Sometimes circumstances can leave you in a position of having a bad credit score, or even neglect on a previous debt. Whether it is your fault or not, receiving credit after can be difficult. There are now many “bad credit, credit cards”. One such card is the First Premier Bank Classic Credit Card.

The big problem with many of these bad credit credit cards is that they come at a high price. The company knows that they may be your last chance, and if you are desperate will take any deal on offer. Many see these kinds of offers as nothing other than glorified loan sharking, while others claim they are a vital step back onto the first rung of the credit ladder. While not being the worst of these cards the First Premier Bank Classic still asks a lot for what it is, and does not give much in the way of perks and features.

Expect to be on the end of some very extortionate fees when you receive your First Premier card. However, firstly, the one plus side of this card is that it requires a poor credit score to be accepted, anything below 620 is considered. If you are even applying for this card then it is evident that you have been turned down elsewhere, and thus this could be your last port of call. The good news is you will probably be accepted for the First Premier Bank Classic Credit Card. The bad news is that the company know this too, and are in a position to do something like charge an annual fee of $50 (Which is higher than many upmarket cards), and give APR’s of 19.9% on both balance transfers and purchases. Another factor is you will not be treated to very considerate credit increases, with a charge of 50% of the credit increase.

Another shock may come in the guise of the fees that will already come loaded on the card, often as much as $200. All these financial restrictions mean that the First Premier Bank Classic Credit Card is purely for rebuilding you credit worthiness, if you want to be purchasing regularly, stay well clear of this card. If you pay your bills on time, and clear the fees then you will slowly rebuild your reputation.

So this like any other bad credit credit card is to be avoided by all accept the most in need of rebuilding their score. Do not consider it as a classic credit card that may reward a purchase, in fact you may end up getting stung by regular purchases; instead keep your limit low and pay on time. In reality a card like this should be avoided at all costs, firstly by preventing getting into a situation where you need to apply for a bad credit credit card.

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