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» Ford Service Credit Card Review

Ford Service Credit Card

Ford Service Credit Card

Considering the Ford Service credit card? For consumers looking to make a Ford purchase, obtaining a line of Credit with Ford Credit not only gives you a good range of spending options, but a close connection with the Ford Motor Brand, and thus a range of credit programs that are more attractive and offer more incentives than using other lines of credit. The Ford Service Credit Card is there to make Ford servicing more affordable, to give you more financial flexibility, and to provide extra benefits that you would not get at standard servicers. This article provides an overview of the Ford Service Credit Card, rates and percentages, and a guide to handling your account and making payments at the bottom.

The Ford Service Credit Card

Ford offer a range of credit services to give customers a flexible range of payment options for Ford cars and Ford services, and the Ford Service Credit Card makes it simple to pay for Ford services and maintenance.

This card is a great option for those who plan on purchasing from Ford automotive services, for example buying spare parts, accessories, tires, service plans and so on. With this credit card, you can pay no interest over 6 months on purchases of $199 or over, or no interest over 12 months on purchases of $499 or over. No interest is applied to the balance if you make a minimum payment each month, which will be specified once you have made the purchase. The annual percentage rate of this card will depend on your credit worthiness, though in general it will be around 25%. No annual fee.

There are different ways to pay your ford credit card bills. You can pay over the phone or set up an advance payment from another account through JPMorgan Chase. You can also pay by MoneyGram, either at a MoneyGram location or by calling 1-800-926-9400. WesternUnion is also available for making payments. There is also a payment address on your credit statement that you receive in the post which you can mail payments to.

Ford Credit offers a credit account manager, which you can use to manage your credit card and make bill payments.


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