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» Furniture Row Credit Card

Furniture Row Credit Card

Furniture Row Credit Card

Considering the Furniture Row credit card? Looking for a new store card that takes the load off furniture purchases? This review takes a look at the new Furniture Row Credit Card, so please read on to see how this card can help you save money, including terms and conditions and rewards details. This card functions as a standard store credit card.

Furniture Row

This company specializes in all things furniture and furnishings, and while it is one of the biggest in the US with stores in over 31 states, Furniture Row is still a family owned business. Each store has sections dedicated to sofas, furniture, bedroom and mattresses, and you can save money on everything by making your purchases using a Furniture Row Credit Card.

Furniture Row Credit Card

The credit card offered by Furniture Row is the Express Money Card, and with this card customers are given spending freedom thanks to special financing offers available when the card is used. The best financing with this card is the 0% interest you will receive if you pay over a certain amount. This is a key benefit that places the Furniture Row credit card above traditional store credit cards.

The financing options available to you will depend on what you spend, how much you spend, and when you spend. If you make a big purchase at the right time such as a sale event, you can receive no interest for up to 2 or 3 years. For example, Furniture Row is as of writing offering a Labor Day financing deal of no interest until 2015 and $25 monthly payments for qualifying purchases above $1999. Furniture Row provides customers such offers fairly frequently. If you want to know more about what options for financing are available to you, speak with a customer advisor in-store.

Furniture Row Credit Card Terms and Conditions

The standard APR rate for purchases on this card is 24.9%, which comes into effect after any promotions have ended. Penalty APR is 28.9%. As with most store credit cards, There are no balance transfers or cash advances available. Minimum interest charge is $2. For more terms and conditions information, you must get past the first stage of the application process. Given the APR, the Furniture Row card is very a competitive standard store credit card, and when you consider other financial offers and specials from Furniture Row this card can compete with general purpose credit cards.

Online Account Management

When you use your Furniture Row Express Money Credit Card to finance expenditures, you cannot make payments in store. Your options are to either pay by mail or with the online account service. The Furniture Row online account service is handled by the issuer, Capital One. With the online account service you can see your transaction history and credit balance, manage your personal details and pay your credit card bills.

One down side is that Capital One does not provided customer service information online with regards to this card. However, you can contact customer service via an 800 number and online contact form.

All in all the Furniture Row credit card is a solid offering.

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