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GE Credit Card

GE Credit Card

Thinking about applying for a GE Credit Card? Before you do, make sure you read through this review so that you totally understand what are the best cards GE offers. There is information on rewards, offers, rates and terms.

GE Credit Cards

GE Money is the financial branch of General Electric. With headquarters in London, it is actually the Australian GE Money branch which offers credit cards. Many consumer credit cards are offered by GE for Australian customers, which you can apply for by downloading an application form, heading to a GE Money branch or applying online.

  • GE Money MasterCard – With a credit limit starting at $500, this card offers a low interest rate on balance transfers (9.99%) for up to 6 months and a good general APR. Cash advances at home or overseas available, plus extended 55 days interest free credit. Normal APR 23.5%. $39 annual fee.
  • GE Eco Credit Card – This is the first Australian credit card to allow users to dedicate the 1% of spending gained on the card towards carbon offset credits. You also get 0% on balance transfers for up to 6 months. Normal APR 20.49% and cash advance APR 22.49%. $49 annual fee.
  • GE Low Rate MasterCard – This is a simple credit card with an attractive purchase APR of 15.49%, plus a low 6 month introductory APR of 4.99%. Cash advance APR is 20.99%. Annual fee $58. 55 days interest free on purchases.
  • GE CreditLine GEM Visa – This card offers flexible payment financing options, including 6 months interest free on all purchases over $250 and similar offers including longer interest free periods at over 10,000 participating stores across the country.

GE Money offers other credit cards and partner cards, a complete list of which can be found by visiting the card’s website.

GE money provides online servicing which lets you manage your credit account whenever you need to. You can view your statements, monitor your transactions and pay your bills with the BPAY service (you will need to have an online account with your banking service to setup BPAY). Each card has a different page for registering and signing in .

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