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JCP Credit Card

JCPenney Credit Card

Considering the JCPenney credit card? The JCP Credit Card is now available to help faithful store-goers reap the benefits of their loyalty. This review explains everything about this credit card, including what rewards to expect and the all-important terms and conditions.

The Company

JCPenney is a US-based department store chain with over 1,100 stores located in every state. They provide clothing, homeware, accessories, and other fashion products at competitive prices, and with the JCPenney credit card you can gain extra rewards and savings for your loyalty.

JCP Rewards Credit Card

JCP rewards credit card offers a credit card with a tiered rewards scheme that mirrors that amount you spend at the retailer. At the basic credit card program level, you get 1 point for every dollar spent on qualifying JCPenney products, plus 25% extra in bonus points when you use your rewards credit card.

At the most basic level, you will earn yourself a $10 JCP rewards certificate if you earn 250 points or more in one month. This means that if you reach 250 points but it takes you longer than a month, you won’t be eligible for this certificate. Points you earn which do not make you eligible for a certificate are removed from the account.

Gold status offers you $20 in rewards for when you earn at least 500 points in a month, and Platinum status offers you $30 in rewards for when you earn at least 750 points in a month. Both levels also give you a $15 reward for your birthday. You must spend $500 on JCP products on at least two separate occasions in a year to reach Gold status, and $1000 to reach Platinum Status. All membership levels provide extra benefits and exclusive savings opportunities.

JCP Credit Card Terms and Conditions

Purchase APR is 26.99%. No balance transfers/cash advances available. Late payment fee up to $35. Minimum interest charge is $2. You can avoid paying interest on your purchase balance by paying your balance in full by the due date each month. Full terms and conditions can be found on the card website.

There is an online credit account service that lets you pay your bill and manage all other aspects of your account.

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