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Priceline Rewards Visa Card

Priceline Rewards Visa Card

Interested in the Priceline credit card? Are you a frequent traveler looking for a new credit card to help you save money? The Priceline Credit Card is now available, and this review gives you details on their credit card range, what rewards and savings opportunities are available with them, and online account management capabilities. This card functions as a general purpose credit card.


Priceline.com is an online shopping site that lets you compare between all things travel, helping you to find the best deal and get a good range of discounts for all related products and services. From searching to a hotel quickly to planning a long term cruise, Priceline makes holidays and traveling as affordable as possible, and the new Priceline Credit Card can take those savings even further.

Priceline Rewards Visa Card

The Priceline Rewards Visa Card offers attractive benefits that can really make your loyalty to Priceline worth the effort. You get 2 points for every dollar you spend where Visa is accepted. You also get 5 points for every dollar you spend on applicable Priceline ‘Name Your Own Price’ purchases. These rewards can be redeemed to save money on car rentals, airlines, and hotels, or you can simply take these points and turn them into statement credits, effectively allowing you to buy anything with your points. Furthermore you get 0% interest on balance transfers for the first 15 billing cycles after account opening. If you are a first-time Cardmember with a new account, you get 5000 points for your first purchase too, and 5000 bonus points are applicable for transferring a balance.

Priceline Rewards Visa Terms and Conditions

The Annual Percentage Rate for purchases and balance transfers varies between 14.99% and 21.99% depending on your credit score. Cash advance APR is 25.24. APR will vary according to the Prime Rate. Penalty APR up to 30.24%. Minimum interest charge $2. No annual fee. Late payment fee and returned payment fee up to $35 each. You can avoid paying interest on your next balance is you pay the current balance before the due date (23 days). Complete terms and conditions information can be found on the credit card’s website.
This card is competitive with most general purpose credit cards.

Priceline Credit Card Payment Options

Priceline offer many options for paying your credit card bill. Like many other card providers, Priceline let you manage your credit card account with ease and simplicity thanks to the online account service.

Dispute Resolution

To dispute a transaction on your account, you may call Barclaycard or write them at the address listed in the cardholder agreement within 60 days in which the charge appears on your billing statement. Cardholders of the Priceline Rewards Visa card must agree to binding Arbitration as the sole method of dispute resolution.

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