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Chrysler Credit Card
Chrysler Credit Card

Chrysler Credit Card

Searching for the Chrysler credit card? Chrysler offer a range of credit options including the Chrysler Credit Card, and this review covers the most important details of this card including spending rewards and exclusive offers.

As a popular high-end vehicle company, Chrysler offer many different credit options for vehicle part purchases and services. The Chrysler rewards MasterCard allows you to finance such purchases and gain further rewards.

Chrysler Rewards MasterCard

The Chrysler rewards MasterCard offers you three points for every dollar you spend on applicable purchases made at Chrysler dealerships. This includes vehicle repair, accessories, parts, and general maintenance. Thanks to MasterCard you also get two points for every dollar you spend on travel, and one point for every dollar you spend everywhere else that MasterCard is accepted.

Once you have accrued enough points, you can exchange them for savings on Chrysler products such as oil changes and tires. You can also get gift cards and cashback on qualifying MasterCard purchases. This card also offers 0% introductory APR on purchases. Being a MasterCard, you also get a range of convenient payment options that can help your day-to-day transactions run more smoothly. You can pay with MasterCard PayPass with your mobile phone, and also use the PayPass Locator smartphone application which lets you find the nearest shops that accept MasterCard payments.

Chrysler credit card terms and conditions

The annual percentage rate for this credit card after the introductory offer is 16.99% which will vary depending on the prime rate. APR for balance transfers is the same, and 25.24% for cash advances. No annual fee. Late payment and returned payment fees are up to $35. The grace period for paying no interest on this credit card’s balance is 21 days.

Chrysler rewards MasterCard Online Options

You have many different options for paying your Chrysler rewards MasterCard credit card bill. It is easy to pay for your MasterCard bill by going to your bank and making a transfer from your savings or checking account.

The most convenient option is to enroll with the Chrysler credit card online payment service.  With this service you can check your account balance, manage your personal settings and pay your monthly credit card bill. You can make payments up to 30 days in advance with this service, or make a same day payment if you pay before 5 in the afternoon.

Discount Tire Credit Card
Discount Tire Credit Card

Discount Tire Credit Card

Searching for the Discount Tire credit card? Need information on the Discount Tire Credit Card. This article provides an independent review of the card including rewards and terms and conditions details. This card functions as a tradition store credit card.

Discount Tire are one of the most popular discount tire stores in the US, and they have now partnered with GE Capital in offering the Discount Tire/ America’s Tire CarCareONE Credit Card, which helps you make good savings on purchases made at Discount Tire and America’s Tire, plus special interest offers.

Rewards and Offers

Tire purchases are often expensive, but with the Discount Tire Credit Card you can finance your purchases with 0% interest. If your purchases are between $300 and $1000, then you receive no interest if paid off in full within 6 months. The same goes for up to $1500 when paid if in full in 9 months, and over $1500 when paid off in full within 12 months.

These zero interest financing offers are the most popular aspect of the Discount Tire Credit Card, but care must be made to pay off the balance in full, otherwise the standard rate of 26.99% APR will be applied not only from then on, but will be applied from the day you made the purchase.

Given that the APR on this card is fairly high, it is worth checking out other introductory purchase offer credit cards if you only intend to make a one-off tire purchase.

Discount Tire Credit Card Terms and Conditions

The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for purchases on the Discount Tire Credit Card is 26.99%. There are no cash advances or balance transfers available with this card. The minimum interest charge applied is $2. Late penalty fees and returned payment fees for failed checking/savings account transfers is up to $35. For full terms and conditions information please visit the card’s website.

Discount Tire Credit Card Online Payment Options

There are a number of ways to pay your Discount Tire Credit Card bill. Unlike many other branded credit cards you cannot pay for your bill by going to Discount Tire or America’s Tire locations.

Discount Tire’s credit card issuer GE Capital offer an online service to help customers control their account and make credit card payments. With the online service you can make a same day payment if you pay before midnight, schedule payments for a future date, or set up a monthly autopay.

Ferrari Credit Card
Ferrari Credit Card

Ferrari Credit Card

Considering the Ferrari credit card? Ferrari offers a range of credit plans to make their products affordable for customers, and the Ferrari credit card is one such option. This guide will help you understand what the Ferrari Credit Card has to offer and how you can benefit from it. There is also information at the bottom for paying your credit card bill.

The Ferrari Credit Card is offered on behalf of the Ferrari Club of America, and this card gives you plenty in the way of benefits and rewards to help Ferrari owners and enthusiasts make the most of their purchases.

Ferrari Club of America Visa Credit Card

Provided by PartnersFirst Credit, this credit card offers 10% off all parts and service at Ferrari dealerships across the US and Canada. You also get 10% discount at Skip Barber Racing School Locations. There is also 1% cashback on many other qualifying purchases at places that accept Visa. As an extra treat you can take a picture of your own Ferrari and have it printed on the front of the card. You can instead choose between a gallery of pictures.

This credit card is offered by the Ferrari Club of America, and if your application is successful then being a member of this Club grants you access to many extra rewards and benefits. These include free magazine ‘Prancing Horse’ subscription, access to national club gatherings, F1 test sessions, rallies, tours, and other Ferrari racing events.

Ferrari Visa Credit Card Terms and Conditions

The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) given for the Ferrari Club of America Rewards Visa Credit Card will depend on the credit history of the applicant. APR for purchases and balance transfers ranges between 12.24% and 22.24%, variable depending on the Prime Rate. Cash Advance APR is 24.99%. Penalty APR is 27.99%.

Minimum interest charge $1.50. No annual fee. Cash advance fee is the greater of $5 or 4% of the transferred amount. Late payment fee up to $15 and returned payment fee up to $25. You can avoid paying interest on your purchases if you pay your balance in full by the due date each month, which is 25 days after the previous billing cycle. Complete terms and conditions for the Ferrari Club of America Rewards Visa Credit Card can be found on the card’s website.

This card is offered by PartnersFirst, who offer an online account service for making payments.

Boston Store
Boston Store

Boston Store

Boston Store are now offering the Boston Store Credit Card, and this guide covers all you need to know, including the credit card’s reward program, incentives, and terms and conditions. Boston Store Credit Card bill payment information and customer service details can be found at the bottom of the guide.

Boston Store Your Rewards Credit Card

The Boston Store Credit Card offers a similar reward scheme to that of all Bon-Ton stores including Bergner’s, Carson’s, Herberger’s and Younkers. This card can be used to save money on products across the Boston Store range, including apparel, shoes, lingerie, jewelry, handbags and accessories, and also all other Bon-Ton owned stores.

This credit card provides a rewards scheme which rewards you for making plenty of purchases. With the rewards card you gain one point for each dollar you spend. When you have reached 500 points, you get an all-day shopping pass delivered to you, which you can use on a day of your choosing between when you receive it and 60 days’ time. This pass offers you 20% off of clothing, accessories and jewelry, and 15% off of fragrances, cosmetics, home-ware and watches. There is no limit on how much you can spend with the pass, and most sale items are included for further discount.

Further rewards include free online shipping, birthday savings, advance notice of sales event and other exclusive incentives.

There are two membership levels, Signature and Elite. You reach Elite status once you reach 1500 points, and this card gives you more free shipping and a cardholder anniversary offer.

Boston Store provides no information on interest rates or other terms and conditions; you must apply for the card in-store at the customer service desk to find out.

Boston Store Credit Card Online Account Options

The most convenient method for managing your Boston Store card and making bill payments is with their online account service. This service lets you make same-day payments, or schedule a payment for a future date. You can sign-in or register for online account management. If you have not yet registered you card for the service, there is a link at the bottom of the sign-in page.

Boscov's Credit Card
Boscov's Credit Card

Boscov’s Credit Card

Considering the Boscov’s credit card? Looking for independent information on the Boscov’s credit card? This review provides you with all you need to know, with information on the card’s rewards scheme and how to make the most out of it. This card is a standard store credit card.

Boscov’s Stores

Boscov’s is a US department store chain that specializes in providing top brands for great value across New England. With a range of products common to department stores, including clothing, shoes, cosmetics and home ware, and some surprising extras including catering, electronic appliances and optical centers, the Boscov’s Credit Card can help you make savings over time and enjoy exclusive cardholder benefits.

Boscov’s Credit Card

When you get the Boscov’s Credit Card, you enter the Rewards Club Program, which is a points-based program which gives you rewards certificates once you reach a certain number of points.

When you hit 500 points, a rewards gift card certificate will be mailed to you with your yearly February statement. However if you manage to reach 2500 points at any time you are able to redeem these points instantly.

How many points do you get per dollar spent? This depends on what tier you are in. There are five tiers – Chairman, Premier, Gold, Platinum and Diamond – and for the first 2 tiers you get a point per dollar, for gold you get 2 points per dollar, for platinum you get 3 points per dollar, and diamond 4 points per dollar. You reach Premier once you spend $1000, and the next tiers come your way with every extra $1000 spent.

Chairman membership also gives advanced sales events notice, exclusive discount events and extra savings coupons. For each further tier level you get better and better savings coupons plus all the benefits of the previous tiers. There is also an offer of 15% off your first card purchase, which allows you to save up to $100.

A clearer picture of the Boscov’s credit card reward program can be found on the card’s website.

Unfortunately, you cannot see terms and conditions information for this card unless you submit your personal information in the application process.

It is best to enroll with online credit services, which lets you pay your bills and manage all other things regarding your account.

Bon Ton Credit Card
Bon Ton Credit Card

Bon Ton Credit Card

Searching for the Bon-ton credit card? The Bon-Ton Credit Card has had an overhaul, and this review will help you decide whether you should apply for it. Read on for rewards/points information, incentives, terms and conditions, plus information regarding online account options at the bottom. This card is a standard store credit card.

The Bon-Ton Credit Card

The Bon-Ton Your Rewards Credit Card gives you incentives for making frequent purchases at Bon-Ton and Bon-Ton owned stores, and if you spend enough money and accumulate enough points there are worthwhile savings available.

The Bon-Ton Credit Card gives you one point per dollar spent at of their stores or online, and provides you with an all-day savings card when reach 500 points. This savings card gives you 20% off clothing and other products, apart from cosmetics, homeware and watches which has a saving of 15%. When you receive your all-day savings card you will have 60 days to use it on any day of your choice. There are no restrictions to how much you can buy and make a saving on, and the vast majority of store items are covered, including top brands and sale items.

The Bon-Ton Credit Card gives you more offers, including a birthday celebration discount, 2 free shipping coupons, advance sale and event notice and further cardholder savings.

One you have spent over $1500 (1500 points) you are upgraded from the basic Signature membership level to Elite. Elite membership gives you everything you get from signature, plus a cardholder anniversary offer and 3 free shipping coupons. There is no set time limit to reach 1500 points.

Remember that the Bon-Ton Credit Card can be used across all Bon-Ton owned stores, giving you access to many different retailers including Carson’s, Herberger’s, Parisian, Younkers, Boston Stores and Bergner’s to help you make the most of this credit card.

Terms and conditions information can only be found when you apply, which can only be done in store. Common knowledge however states that the interest rates associated with this card are quite standard for a department store credit card.

Online Account Options

There are many different ways to make payments for your Bon-Ton credit card. You can pay your balance at any Bon-Ton store, or you can go to your bank and arrange a transfer that way. It is best to set up an online account, as this lets you pay your bills, see your statements, arrange for credit limit increases and much more.

Bloomingdale's Credit Card
Bloomingdale's Credit Card

Bloomingdale’s Credit Card

Searching for the Bloomingdale’s credit card? Unsure whether you should apply for the Bloomingdale’s credit card? Look no further – this guide gives a detailed explanation of this credit card, including rewards information and interest rates. This card functions as a standard store credit card.

Bloomingdale’s Credit Card

Bloomingdale’s offer a number of credit cards which can be used to gain points and save money on purchases under the Bloomingdale Loyalist program.

For the standard Bloomingdale’s card you get 3 points for every dollar you spend in-store and online, and double points for fragrance and cosmetic purchases. Once you reach 5000 points you receive a $25 rewards card which can be used on any Bloomingdale’s products, with no exceptions. Instead of other store cards that mail your certificate in the post, you get your certificate instantly in-store once you gain the necessary points. You also get other rewards, including free starters and non-alcoholic drinks once you spend over $100 in any Bloomingdale’s restaurants.

When you open a Bloomingdale’s credit card account, you receive a 10% discount on purchases you make for that day and the next day. You may save up to $250 with this offer.

If you manage to spend over $3500 in a year, you get the Reserve Card; your points increase to 4 per dollar, plus you get free shipping, free gift wrap and other rewards.

Bloomingdale’s also offer American Express Cards – you must apply in store for more information.

Bloomingdale’s Terms and Conditions

The Annual Percentage Rate on purchases is 24.5% variable. No balance transfers or cash advances available. Minimum interest charge of $2. Late payment fee and returned payment fee up to $35 respectively. You can avoid paying interest if you pay the balance in full within 25 days of the previous billing cycle. Full terms and conditions for the Bloomingdale’s Credit Card can be found on the card’s website.

A good way to manage your credit card and make payments is with the Bloomingdale’s online account service. You can sign in to the service or register for the service at the same link if you have not already done so. The online service can be used to make a single payment, or you can arrange regular payments for each billing cycle.

BJ's Credit Card
BJ's Credit Card

BJ’s Credit Card

Searching for the BJ’s credit card? Looking for a store-card and a general purpose credit card all in one? The BJ’s credit card is now available, and this guide gives you information on the card’s rewards scheme, exclusive incentives and credit card terms and conditions.

BJ’s Visa Credit Card

Offered by Barclaycard USA, the BJ’s Visa Card is both a store card and a balance transfer card which has good benefits for those who want a good all-rounder and who make frequent purchases at BJ’s, or have a balance they want to transfer.

This card has a points scheme which builds points over time, which you can transfer into savings certificates once you have enough points on your account. You get 2 points for every dollar you spend at BJ’s (website, in-store, gas stations) and 1 point for every dollar you spend which accepts Visa. Once you reach the threshold of 3000 points (between $1500 and $3000 spent) you get a $30 BJ’s Bucks certificate which you can use on any BJ’s products. You also have the chance to earn extra points on special BJ’s offers and promotions. Be aware that from the moment you earn points on purchases, those points will expire after 3 years, and BJ’s bucks checks expire after 90 days of issuance.

In terms of APR, it helps to be careful in your application as the two given APRs are very different.

BJ’s Credit Card Terms and Conditions

The Annual Percentage Rate for the BJ’s credit card is either 13.99% or 24.99% variable for purchases and non-introductory balance transfers, and the rate you get will depend on your creditworthiness. There is an introductory 0% APR on balance transfers for 6 months. APR for cash advances is 25.24%. Penalty APR is 30.24%. No annual fee. Late penalty and returned payment fee both up to $35. Complete terms and conditions for the BJ’s credit card can be found on the cards website.

The BJ’s credit card is issued by Barclaycard USA, and if you want an online account service to make bill payments then you must set it up with them. You can set up online access for your card or login to the service.

Bergner's Credit Card
Bergner's Credit Card

Bergner’s Credit Card

Considering a Bergner’s credit card? Interested in the Bergner’s credit card but can’t make up your mind? This article will clear things up, with information on what the card has to offer, terms and conditions, and how to get the most out of it. If you already own this credit card, then you can skip to the bottom for bill payment information.

Bergner’s is a retail store owned and operated by the bon ton brand. With locations across the mid-Atlantic, central and northern America, they offer a range of Department store products including homeware and beauty and fragrances at competitive prices.

Bergner’s Credit Card

If you are looking for in store card that gives you a flexible reward scheme based on points then the Bergner’s credit card may be just what you are looking for.

Bergner’s credit card’s primary rewards scheme gives you one point every dollar you spend, either in-store or online. Spend $500 (equivalent to 500 points) and Bergner’s will give you all day savings card. This savings card can be used from the day you receive it until 60 days’ time, giving you 20% off Bergner’s apparel, jewelry and accessories, and 15% off homeware, watches and cosmetics. There no spending limit applied to this offer which means you can make excellent savings. Furthermore, you can use this store card at any other stores owned by bon ton.

There are two membership levels with this credit card – signature and elite. You automatically get signature status when you open the credit account, and once you spend over $1500 you are awarded with Elite status. Unlike other credit cards there are no annual limits in which you accrue these points.

The point scheme is exactly the same for both membership levels. For signature you get a birthday discount, two free shipping coupons and extra sales and incentives rewards. Elite gives you a little extra, offering three free shipping coupons, an anniversary savings offer, and other savings incentives.

Bergner’s do not provide terms and conditions information on their websites this credit card. For information on terms and conditions you must apply for the credit card in-store.

Bergner’s cardholders can pay their bills in a number of different ways. Any Bergner’s or Bon-Ton store lets you pay for your credit card Bill at the customer service desk. The best option for cardholders is to register for the online account service. With this service you can manage every aspect of your account and pay your bills. You can make same day payments or schedule payments for a future date.

Best Western Credit Card
Best Western Credit Card

Best Western Credit Card

Thinking about the Best Western credit card? Need information on the Best Western Credit Card to help you make up your mind? This guide will help you, with independent information on the card’s details, including terms and conditions and rewards.

Best Western Rewards Credit Card

Frequent customers at Best Western can earn points towards free hotel stays and enjoy further rewards with the Best Western Rewards MasterCard Credit Card.

This credit card offers you 15 points for every dollar spent on Best Western services and products, and 1 point for everywhere else MasterCard is accepted. These points can be exchanged for free stays at over 4,000 Best Western Hotels, plus other things including airline rewards, airline savings, rental rewards and AMC theater gift cards.

The number of points you need to get a free hotel stay will depend on the level of the hotel, ranging from 8,000 points for a Level 1 Best Western, to 36,000 for a Level 8 Best Western.

This card comes with an introductory offer of 16,000 points which you get after making your first purchase.

Aside from the Best Western Rewards, this MasterCard also comes with a 6 month introductory 0% APR on balance transfers. Furthermore, if you do make a balance transfer within the first 30 days of opening, you get a point for every dollar transferred, applicable up to 5,000 points.

Best Western Rewards Terms and Conditions

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for purchases and normal balance transfers is either 13.99% or 24.99% based on your creditworthiness. APR for cash advances is 25.24%. Penalty APR is 30.24%. These rates are variable depending on the Prime Rate. The grace period for paying no interest on full balance payment is 23 days after the previous billing cycle. No annual fee. Penalty fees up to $35.

The best Western credit card is issued by Barclaycard USA, and you can set up an online account with them to pay your bills and manage your account.

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