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Shell Credit Card
Shell Credit Card

Shell Credit Card

Considering a Shell credit card? If you need any information on the Shell Credit Card to help decide whether you want to apply for it, please read on. This review covers the Shell Credit Card, its rewards, and terms and conditions.


The Shell Oil Company (Royal Dutch Shell) is an international oil production company, and one of the largest oil and gas producer in the US. There are thousands of Shell gas stations in the US, and like many other petroleum providers Shell offers a range of personal and business credit cards to help frequent buyers make good savings and use exclusive rewards.

Shell Credit Cards

This section takes a look at the Shell Drive for Five and the Shell Select Member Card personal credit cards, which are both offered on behalf of Citibank. Both of these cards offer Citibank features, including $0 liability for unauthorized charges, ATM access for cash, and convenient payment options.

  • Shell Drive for Five Card – The main offer for this card is the 5 cents per gallon offer, which applies when you purchase at least 45 gallons of Shell fuel each month, giving you 5 cents back up to a monthly maximum of 100 gallons. APR for purchases is 24.99%, and for cash advances 29.95%. No annual fee. Late payment and returned payment fees up to $35.
  • Shell Select Member Card – This card does not offer the 5 cents per gallon offer, but does offer 10% cashback on hotel/motel purchases, 5% cashback on airlines/rentals and travel reservation services. You also get $1,000 emergency cash and prepaid airline tickets if you need it. APR for purchases is 24.99%, and for cash advances 29.95%. Annual fee $25. Late payment and returned payment fees up to $35.

If you don’t want to pay interest on your purchase balance then the grace period for paying off your balance in full is 25 days. A full page of Shell credit cards including business cards can be found on the company website.

The Shell online account service lets you manage all aspects of your credit account, including seeing your bills, updating your personal information and making credit card payments.



Citi Retail Partner Cards, a provider of both consumer and commercial credit card products and services, renews its credit card partnership with Shell Oil Products US, a subsidiary of Shell Oil Company in a multi-year contractual agreement. Shell branded credit cards were first issued in 1999. “We are thrilled to renew our relationship with Shell, a long-standing client for more than a decade,” said Craig Vallorano, executive vice president of partnership management at Citi Retail Partner Cards. “At Citi, we are committed to providing dynamic credit programs to market leaders, like Shell, which has a strong brand and an exceptional marketing network that has supported and executed promotion of the Shell-branded credit card programs at a best-in-class level for years.”

Convenient payment options

The partnership between Citi and Shell offers convenient payment options for both consumer and business consumer at Shell service stations for both fuel purchases and convenience store items. Currently Shell has more than 14,000 Shell stations in the U.S. making it the largest branded retail fuel network in the country.

‘Drive for Five’

One example of a successful promotion between the two companies is the launch of a private label consumer credit card which offers a rewards program for fuel. The marketing campaign is called ‘Drive for five.’  “As the no. 1 selling gasoline brand in the nation, Shell is committed to providing our consumers a wide range of payment options to help them get the most out of every drop of fuel,” said Rick Altizer, general manager for North America Retail Marketing. “Working with Citi to provide friendly payment options like the Shell ‘Drive for Five’ Card, which can help consumers reduce the price that they pay at the pump without sacrificing quality, is a win-win for everybody.”

Partners with variety of retailers

Citi Retail Partner Cards works with a variety of national and regional retailers in the U.S. including The Home Depot, Macy’s, Sears and ExxonMobil. Citi Retail Partner Cards is a division of Citi Holdings with managed assets of US$45 billion and almost 90 million accounts. Shell Oil Products US is involved in the refining, transportation and marketing of fuels.

Shell Oil

Shell Oil

Shell Oil Products US along with its sister company Motiva operate in the United States as a oil refiner and marketer. The parent company Royal Dutch Shell operates refineries in the Western United States and sell petroleum products at Shell branded retail outlets in the West and Midwest. Motiva operates in the eastern United States. Together, Motiva and Shell Oil Products operate a total of 13,800 gas stations making it the number one gas retailer in the country.

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