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Card issuer Visa is, after MasterCard, the most popular choice world-wide with hundreds of thousands of locations accepting the card. There is a huge selection for customers to choose from and it will depend on your financial circumstances and lifestyle options, which card will suit you best.

Range of Cards:

Most banks across the world offer at least one or more Visa cards – from classic, no nonsense cards, reward and cashback cards to student cards, charity and causes cards to gift and prepaid cards.

IberiaBank for example offer four different types of Visa credit cards alone, from classic to gold to platinum, depending on financial circumstances and what type of card is best suited to one’s lifestyle. Many of Visa’s cards do not charge an annual fee, and many have very generous terms on balance transfers and purchases when it comes to introductory periods.

Traditional Visa credit cards can come with or without rewards like air miles, hotel accommodation or discounted brand-name products or cashback schemes. The Signature Line of cards goes a step further as rewards can be reaped on wide ranging travel, entertainment and dining out, leisure and sport events and online shopping. Card members also enjoy an around the clock concierge service that can help them with travel arrangements and other matters.

The Signature Line also offers 90 days purchase protection to customers, rental car coverage and travel and emergency assistance.

Visa student cards are issued by Citi (Citi Forward and Citi Platinum Select Visa Card for College Students for example, Wells Fargo’s College Visa Card, SECU Credit Union of Maryland Visa Card and Journey Student Rewards from Capital One Visa Card among others.

What APR is charged or what annual fees are applicable depends on the financial institution issuing the card, as do the amount of reward points one can earn or the schemes against which they can be redeemed.

Business credit cards also come in a selection and commercial customers can choose from Signature Credit Cards, Business Credit Cards and Visa Business Debt cards. Depending on which one a business customer chooses, benefits for the business can be extended credit terms before the monthly balance needs to be paid, savings on regular purchases like travel, Zero liability on fraudulent behaviour by employees or when the card is stolen, auto rental collision damage waivers, travel and emergency assistance and much more. See also, Business Credit Cards for new business.

Using a Visa card for business can often mean improving the cash flow when times are hard. With up-to-date account information on spending being readily available, a small company can manage larger purchases better by either paying off the amount in the stipulated time that is granted before interest is charged or by paying off in “chunks” to suit cash flow.

For the ultimate in luxury credit cards see the Visa Black Card.

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