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» Younkers Credit Card Review

Younkers Credit Card

Younkers Credit Card

Thinking about a Younkers credit card? This review should assist you in making an informed decision. Younkers is a US-based clothing and housewares retailer. They have a modest yet strong history, founded in Iowa in 1856 by a Polish immigrant, and since spreading over the last 150 years to other states in the Midwest. Located mainly in shopping malls, there are now 49 retail locations for Younkers. The company offers a range of products, including women’s and menswear, kidsware, beauty and fashion products and plenty in the homeware category. Younkers offer a store credit card which can help customers make the most out of purchases, and this guide covers the basics of this credit program, terms and conditions, with a guide to making credit card payments at the bottom.

The Younkers Credit Card

The Younkers reward program rewards you for making frequent purchases at Younkers, and if you earn enough points then you can enjoy great savings offers. When you use the Younkers Credit Card, you get one Your Rewards point for every dollar you spend on the card. Once you have 500 points, you will be given a Your Rewards shopping pass, which is a pass available for one day which offers you 20% off of Younkers clothing, accessories and jewelry, and an additional 15% off of beauty and cosmetic products, homeware and watches. Almost all products apply, even products that are already on sale. Once you receive your one-day pass in the post, you can choose any day you like between now and the next 60 days for your discount shopping spree. You can also get up to 3 coupons sent in the post each year, alongside exclusive cardholder offers and birthday treats.

There are 3 membership levels with Younkers which relate to how many cumulative points you build up. There is classic (0-499 points), signature and signature select (1000-1499 points) and elite membership (1500+). The amount of rewards and offers you receive gets better and better with each membership level. Extra bonuses include free shipping for purchases made in-store and online, and advance notice of upcoming sales and events. The Younkers Credit Card can be used at other stores within the Bon-Ton group and vice versa, so make sure you take a look at the retailers that apply.

If you are looking for more information about Younkers credit card terms and conditions, then you will be given this when you apply for the card.

It is easier to set up an online account with Younkers, as this lets you manage your account, update your information and make payments all in one place.

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