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ABNB Visa Platinum Reward Card

ABNB Federal Credit Union Visa Platinum Reward Credit Card Review

ABNB Visa Platinum Reward Card

ABNB Visa Platinum Reward Card

It can be a very wise move to choose a rewards credit card with a credit union, as you get both rewards for your purchases and highly competitive rates of interest. The ABNB Federal Credit Union is now offering a Visa Platinum Reward credit card; this guide explores this credit card and payment options for existing card owners.

Visa Platinum Reward Credit Card

This credit card combines an attractive rewards scheme and highly reasonable interest rates and terms, so you can earn points as you spend and take benefit from no transaction fees and no balance transfer fees.

ABNB Credit Card Rewards

ABNB have partnered with UChoose Rewards to offer points-based rewards with this credit card. Many credit unions across the U.S. provide UChoose Rewards, and this scheme gives you access to a massive range of rewards, such as holidays and adventuring, gift cards, event tickets and much more. This card offers you points as you spend, and you can check with the UChoose Rewards website to see the amount of points you need to achieve the many different rewards available.

Interest Rates and Fees

This card comes with an annual fee of $25, unless you make more than 6 transactions or spend over $500 in 12 months, which makes the annual fee easily avoidable. Applicable interest rates vary between 9.49% and 17.99%, so if you have an excellent credit score you can secure a very low rate and gain rewards at the same time. Late payment fees and overlimit fees are a maximum of $25. The grace period is 25 days. If you pay off your purchases in full within the grace period you pay no interest.

Credit Card Payment Options

If you want to pay your credit card bills by phone or mail, consult your billing statement or sign into the [email protected] online banking service. You can pay by travelling to any ABNB Federal Credit Union Branch in Norfolk, Chesapeake and Virginia Beach, or you make a transfer from any other bank that you have an account with.

There are a number of online payment options. You can make a transfer from an ABNB account for logging into [email protected], or you can make an online transfer from other checking or savings accounts by signing into onlineaccessplus.com. This service lets you pay your bills, print out statements and manage your account in general. Payments with this service take a maximum of 5 days to clear. More information can be found by following this link.

ABNB Federal Credit Union

You only need to be a resident of South Hampton Roads, VA to become a member of ABNB. You do not have to be a member of any particular organization. ABNB put their members before their profits and so you can expect useful financial solutions with really helpful terms and conditions. The first step to become a member is to sign up for an account; after that you can apply for credit.

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