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Tractor Supply Credit Card

Tractor Supply Credit Card Review

Tractor Supply Credit Card

Tractor Supply Credit Card

Looking for a Tractor Supply credit card review? Need more information to understand your options and what’s available? This credit card might be perfect for you, and this in depth review covers this credit card in detail including rewards information and tips, interest rates, terms and conditions, fees, online account management, how payments are calculated and applied, as well as dispute resolution.

Tractor Supply Company

As the largest operator of rural lifestyle stores in the U.S., Tractor Supply operates over 1,400 retail stores in 49 states. The company is headquarter in Brentwood, Tennessee and employs more than 21,000 people. The company began in 1938 as a mail order catalog business that sold tractor parts to farmers. Tractor Supply now typically offers unique products and services for agriculture, country living, the garden and the home in its 15,500 square foot facilities. These products include clothing and footwear, dog, cat & pet supplies, trailers & accessories, lawn and garden supplies, welders & welding supplies, fencing, tools & gun safes, and lawn mowers & power generators.

Tractor Supply Credit Card

Currently, the main offer that comes with this credit card is a no interest scheme which applies for a six-month period on all purchases made over $299. So if you often make large purchases at Tractor Supply Co and have no other reliable way to achieve zero interest, then this card makes a reasonable choice. Aside from this offer you also get other cardholder benefits, such as advanced sales notice and exclusive sales events for cardholders only. The no-interest offer is subject to change so make sure you visit the website to see what offer currently applies.

There is also a long-term purchase plan available on a low rate of interest to make your repayments more affordable over a two or four year period. The two-year low interest period applies to purchases over $499, and the four-year period for purchases over $999. See the interest section below.

Apply Online Tractor Supply Credit Card

Apply Online Tractor Supply Credit Card

Tractor Supply Credit Card Terms and Conditions

The standard rate of interest on purchases is 25.99% APR. On extended purchasing plans (24 or 48 months) the rate of interest is 13.99% APR. Cash advances are available at a rate of 29.95% APR with a fee being the greater of $10 or 5% or transferred amount. The minimum interest charge on balances is $2. Late payment and returned payment fees are up to $35. Complete terms and conditions can be found at this link. Click page 2 below to learn about Tractor Supply credit card fees.

BBVA Compass Credit Card

BBVA Compass Credit Card

BBVA Compass Credit Card

BBVA Compass Credit Card

BBVA Compass offers the Optimizer Credit Card, BBVA Compass ClearPoints Credit Card, VISA Signature Credit Card and the Select Card.

Cardholders can take advantage of attractive interest rates, both variable and non-variable APRs, and more.

The Optimizer Credit Card has an APR of 16.24% for both purchases and balance transfers. The APR for cash advances is 25.24%. An annual membership fee of $40 is applicable unlike some other credit cards. The minimum interest charge is $1. The payment due date is 25 days after the close of the billing cycle each month, giving users ample time to clear their dues. Late payment and returned payment fee are $35 and $25, respectively.

The BBVA Compass ClearPoints Credit Card has an introductory APR of 0% for purchases for the first 6 months. Post that a variable APR of 9.24% to 23.24% is applicable. An introductory APR of 0% or 3.99% is available for balance transfers for the first one year. Post that a variable APR of 9.24% to 23.24% is applicable. The APR for cash advances is 22.24% to 27.24%.

No annual membership fee is applicable. The minimum interest charge is $1. The payment due date is 25 days after the close of the billing cycle each month, giving users ample time to clear their dues. Late payment and returned payment fee are up to $35 and $25, respectively.

The VISA Signature Credit Card has an introductory APR of 0% for purchases for the first 6 months. Post that a variable APR of 9.24% to 13.24% is applicable. An introductory APR of 0% or 3.99% is available for balance transfers for the first one year. Post that a variable APR of 9.24% to 13.24% is applicable. The APR for cash advances is 22.24%.

No annual membership fee is applicable. The minimum interest charge is $1. The payment due date is 25 days after the close of the billing cycle each month, giving users ample time to clear their dues. Late payment and returned payment fee are up to $35 and $25, respectively.

The Select Card has a variable APR of 13.24% to 17.24% for purchases and balance transfers. The APR for cash advances is 22.24%.

No annual membership fee is applicable for the first year, after that it is $125. The minimum interest charge is $1. The payment due date is 25 days after the close of the billing cycle each month, giving users ample time to clear their dues. Late payment and returned payment fee are up to $35 and $25, respectively.

If you are looking for credit cards with low APR and interest rates, the BBVA Compass credit cards should meet your requirements.

The online payment service lets cardholders make payments smoothly and securely without any hassles. Users can check their account details, update personal information, view e-statements and more. Users also have 24/7 access to their account.

BBVA Compass

Formerly known as Compass Bancshares, BBVA Compass Bancshares, Inc. is headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, and has assets worth $65 billion. BBVA Compass holds the distinction of being one the biggest 25 banks in the U.S. and has 716 branch locations. It has several branches in Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico, and Texas.

Virgin America Visa Signature Card
Virgin America Visa Signature Card

Virgin America Visa Signature Card

Interested in the Virgin America Visa Signature Card? Barclaycard US is a popular provider of co-branded credit cards, and one popular choice that this review explores is the Virgin America Visa Signature Credit Card. This card has a number of benefits and advantages, and loyalists of Virgin America will likely find this card useful. The reward scheme is generally good, and the perks you get are enough to gain you some pretty good rewards on a frequent basis.

Virgin America Rewards

Virgin America is the U.S. domestic arm of Virgin, and the ‘Elevate’ frequent flyer program is available with Virgin America flights only. Virgin Atlantic operates a different frequent flyer program and you cannot earn or redeem Elevate rewards on such flights, so do not confuse the two.

–      Points: This card offers 3 points per dollar spent on Virgin America, and 1 point per dollar everywhere else that Visa is accepted.

–      Bonus Points: You receive 10,000 bonus points when you make your first purchase, and a maximum of 5,000 bonus points when you make a balance transfer within the first 30 days. If you spend $25,000 on standard purchases in a year you get an extra 10,000 bonus points.

This is a potentially beneficial rewards scheme for frequent domestic flyers with Virgin America. However, domestic services are often limited and Virgin are a more expensive airline, and because you don’t get the good rate of 3 points per dollar on anything but Virgin America flights, you may miss out if you are forced to use another airline.

So, if you are loyal to Virgin and their excellent in-flight services and you plan ahead, you can capitalize on the big amount of points you are able to earn and benefit from no blackout dates or seat restrictions. If however you want to earn points with a larger number of airlines, or you are not loyal to Virgin, other frequent flyer credit cards may be more suitable.

Other Benefits and Perks

This card offers 0% APR on balance transfers for 15 billing cycles, which is a good length of time for those with a large balance to transfer and save money on. As a Visa Signature credit card you get access to a number of great benefits, including a 24/7 personal concierge service which can help you book tickets, and even provide event recommendations. The normal credit card version comes with a $49 annual fee, though there is a no annual fee option which comes with fewer bonus points.

Disclosures and Fees

The standard APR for balance transfers and purchases is either 15.99% or 24.99%, depending on your credit history. The first rate is good but the second rate isn’t, and there is also a fairly high cash advance rate of 25.24% and a penalty APR rate of 30.24%. Full terms can be found here.


This card can be very rewarding for big spenders who are loyal to Virgin America, but there are many other options that offer better flexibility and reward options.

MBNA Canada
MBNA Canada

MBNA Canada

MBNA Canada Overview

MBNA Canada is the Canadian arm of MBNA Corp, founded in 1982 and acquired by Bank of America in 2006. MBNA is the largest issuer of credit cards in the world, and they have helped to shape the credit history in many of the world’s consumer markets throughout the decades. MBNA Canada is the largest issuer of MasterCard credit cards in Canada.

MBNA Canada Credit Cards

MBNA Canada offers a number of standard credit cards, though they are most well known for their extensive range of affinity credit cards. As a specialist in affinity credit cards, you can expect to see many famous brands and companies, including Best Western, Sony, Harley-Davidson, The Toronto Blue Jays and many more. Affinity cards are available with almost every major college in Canada.

Most of the credit cards on offer are rewards-based, and can be broken down into five major categories – MBNA Rewards, Travel Rewards, Sports Rewards and Specialty Rewards – making it easy to choose a rewards card to suit you. Popular credit cards include the Smart Cash MasterCard Credit Card, the TrueLine MasterCard Credit Card and the MBNA Rewards MasterCard Credit Card.

MBNA Canada Credit Card Services

All credit card management services are available on the MBNA Canada website – there are no third parties involved. You use your credit card details to enroll in online banking, which you then can use to manage your card, pay your bills and manage your rewards.

MBNA Canada Ratings and Customer Satisfaction

There are no official reports or recent reports to shed light on the quality of this credit issuer’s products and services. Having said this, online customer reviews and ratings usually demonstrate good levels of customer satisfaction. Users report short waiting times for phone services, and they offer reasonable terms and conditions that are clear and easy to understand. There are no validated reports of clients facing hidden charges or unexpected fees with their credit cards.

The online application process for credit cards is quick and simple, their website offers an online chat assistance feature, and there is an extensive online help center to help you learn about credit, card security and fraud prevention. They also offer resources for managing debt and improving your credit score.

MBNA Canada Credit Card Acceptance

MBNA credit cards have plenty of benefits and tend to have low transaction fees, though as with any respected, high-profile credit issuer, the options for people with poor or fair credit scores are very limited. There are no secured credit cards available to help you build your credit, or entry-level credit cards.

The rates available with MBNA Canada vary from roughly 9.99% to 19.99% for purchases and balance transfers. These rates indicate that you will need at least a good credit rating to secure a credit card. While there are a number of college affinity credit cards on offer for students, your household income must be good enough in order to qualify.



Considering your credit card options with USAA Bank? This guide gives an overview of this financial services company to help you understand who they are and what to expect when you take out a credit card with them, including credit card, services, customer satisfaction and acceptance information.

USAA Bank Overview

USAA is a US financial services company with roughly 9 million members. Established by army officers in 1922, USAA’s services are first and foremost for military personnel and veterans and their families, though their services (including credit cards) are available for non-military U.S. citizens.

USAA Bank Credit Cards

USAA offer a competitive range of credit cards with American Express, Visa and MasterCard. They offer an Active Military World MasterCard which offers many exclusive benefits for military personnel, including a reduced interest rate, finance charge rebates and no foreign transaction fees. They also offer a number of standard credit cards such as the USAA Rewards Visa and the USAA Secured Credit Card. USAA do not offer co-branded credit cards, except for The American Legion credit card.

In general, the credit cards on offer with USAA on offer do not come with amazing rewards programs and bonuses, but extremely low interest rates are provided – often under 10% for people with good enough credit scores.

USAA Bank Credit Card Services

All credit card management including rewards points management and credit card payments is done with the USAA website – there are no third parties involved. The online credit management service allows you to use Auto Pay for automatic bill payments, and you can use the online services from any smart phone.

USAA Bank Ratings and Customer Satisfaction

USAA Bank, in terms of their banking, lending and credit card issuing, receive fair or good ratings. Online reviews place overall customer satisfaction as fair or good, and their fees and interest rates are fair according to the national average.

A 2012 independent consumer report, based on 7,638 consumers, found USAA Bank to have the highest customer experience score out of 160 brands, which was the first time in the study’s history that the best score was not obtained by a retailer. The bank also scored very highly as a credit card provider with a joint-5th highest overall score of 84. The average customer satisfaction score for US credit card providers is a good deal lower than this at 67. USAA Bank was voted in 2012 by Fortune as one of the top 20 employers, and voted by Computerworld as the number one employer in IT.

USAA Bank Credit Card Acceptance

Like most banks who provide credit cards in the U.S., USAA offers cards that cater for different people with different credit ratings, including people with poor credit ratings or no credit rating. People with excellent credit scores can secure cards with very low interest rates and good rewards programs, while at the other end of the spectrum, people who are looking to re-build their credit score can get started with a secured credit card.

Orchard Bank MasterCard

Orchard Bank Credit Card Review (The Orchard Bank Card is No Longer Available. The following review remains for archival purposes only.)

Orchard Bank MasterCard

Orchard Bank MasterCard

Classic Credit Card Range:These cards aim at cardholders who want to get the maximum benefits out of everyday usage, while either building up or repairing their credit history at the same time. With up-to-date account information being made available 24 hours a day, customers can keep a close eye on their spending and the issuer sends out email or text messages to remind customers of due payments. There is automatic monthly reporting to the main credit reference agencies, too, so that customers can see fairly quickly how their credit history is faring.

Orchard Bank Online Ecosmart MasterCards:

These are a range of reward cards that reward both the customer and the environment – therefore perhaps aimed at more discerning clientele who think about their purchases in more detail. For every dollar spent customers get a 2 point reward, which can be redeemed against eco friendly rewards like gift cards (hopefully biodegradable!), cashbacks or other type of rewards.

Both of the above type cards allow customers to pay their bill online at no extra charge. There is a 100% protection scheme in place in case of unauthorized usage and there are even personal customized spending alerts helping customers to stay within their credit card limits and check their spending.

Customers have a choice between Visa and MasterCards and depending on their circumstances can also choose between Classic, Platinum, Gold or secured credit cards.

Secured Cards:

Aimed at customers who wish to build up or repair their credit history, the card come with a friendly 7.9% variable APR on purchases and there is no annual fee in the first year either. Cardmembers enjoy the same benefits as regular credit cardholders, but know that they cannot get into financial difficulty with the card, since it is secured.


There are a variety of ever changing benefits and special offers for all cardholders to enjoy, ranging from discounts on gas purchases with their AutoVantage service, enabling customers to save up to $40 on their gas purchase, to insurance or credit check facilities online. Their Travel Smart scheme has advantageous deals and discounts for card members who also join the Travellers’ Advantage scheme.

The Travel and Leisure category of special offers and discounts for card members ranges from dining out to drugstore purchases to cheap travel and cheap online shopping for pets. Another benefit of the cards is that customers can schedule their payment due date to suit their requirements, which helps to repay bills on time and within monthly budget. The Orchard Bank cards make excellent first credit cards for those with limited credit histories.

Disadvantages of their Website:

It appears that customers must enter the application process before they can find out anything at all about the terms and conditions, the APR applicable to their particular card or indeed any information that would help them to choose the right card for them. Here, the value of review sites such as firstcredit becomes immediately apparent. See also, Bad Credit Credit Cards. The Orchard Bank card was a perfect First Credit Card. See also the Credit One Bank card as a great comparable choice.



Card issuer Visa is, after MasterCard, the most popular choice world-wide with hundreds of thousands of locations accepting the card. There is a huge selection for customers to choose from and it will depend on your financial circumstances and lifestyle options, which card will suit you best.

Range of Cards:

Most banks across the world offer at least one or more Visa cards – from classic, no nonsense cards, reward and cashback cards to student cards, charity and causes cards to gift and prepaid cards.

IberiaBank for example offer four different types of Visa credit cards alone, from classic to gold to platinum, depending on financial circumstances and what type of card is best suited to one’s lifestyle. Many of Visa’s cards do not charge an annual fee, and many have very generous terms on balance transfers and purchases when it comes to introductory periods.

Traditional Visa credit cards can come with or without rewards like air miles, hotel accommodation or discounted brand-name products or cashback schemes. The Signature Line of cards goes a step further as rewards can be reaped on wide ranging travel, entertainment and dining out, leisure and sport events and online shopping. Card members also enjoy an around the clock concierge service that can help them with travel arrangements and other matters.

The Signature Line also offers 90 days purchase protection to customers, rental car coverage and travel and emergency assistance.

Visa student cards are issued by Citi (Citi Forward and Citi Platinum Select Visa Card for College Students for example, Wells Fargo’s College Visa Card, SECU Credit Union of Maryland Visa Card and Journey Student Rewards from Capital One Visa Card among others.

What APR is charged or what annual fees are applicable depends on the financial institution issuing the card, as do the amount of reward points one can earn or the schemes against which they can be redeemed.

Business credit cards also come in a selection and commercial customers can choose from Signature Credit Cards, Business Credit Cards and Visa Business Debt cards. Depending on which one a business customer chooses, benefits for the business can be extended credit terms before the monthly balance needs to be paid, savings on regular purchases like travel, Zero liability on fraudulent behaviour by employees or when the card is stolen, auto rental collision damage waivers, travel and emergency assistance and much more. See also, Business Credit Cards for new business.

Using a Visa card for business can often mean improving the cash flow when times are hard. With up-to-date account information on spending being readily available, a small company can manage larger purchases better by either paying off the amount in the stipulated time that is granted before interest is charged or by paying off in “chunks” to suit cash flow.

For the ultimate in luxury credit cards see the Visa Black Card.

HSBC Credit Card
HSBC Credit Card

HSBC Credit Card

Searching for HSBC credit cards? In the USA, HSBC Bank offers a standard card for private banking customers with fairly generous terms to suit more affluent cardholders’ lifestyle and individual financial requirements. Business cards are also available.

Standard Card Offer to Private Banking Customers:

The HSBC Premier World MasterCard is a reward card aimed at affluent frequent travelers; the card comes without foreign transaction fees on card purchases made in a foreign currency and allows customers to earn double points on all new net purchases during the first six months of their becoming a member. Overall members can earn 1 point for every dollar they spent net on purchases without any earnings cap or expiration of special offers.

In addition there are flexible awards that cover dining out, travel – including package holiday offers – entertainment, shopping and even cash back. The card doesn’t have a pre-set spending limit but is only available to customers who hold an HSBC Premier checking account with a combination of $100,000 of ready cash and investments. The APR is 9.99% on purchases and balance transfers. There are no annual fees and no over the credit limit fees either. The cards are issued by HSBC Bank Nevada and HSBC Bank USA.

As a Premier customer one can also obtain up to $2,000 emergency cash and additional cards with pre-set limits can be issued to designated family members. In case the card is stolen or lost there is a next-day worldwide replacement service for the cardholder and all family members who are also cardholders.

Standard Card Offer to Business Customers:

Aimed at those who wish to improve their cash flow with an additional line of interest-free credit, the card offers pretty generous terms. The MasterCard Business Card from HSBC can be styled in an individual way with either business name or employee name printed on the front and offering spending limits of up to $25,000, depending on financial status. Each user receives a monthly statement so that business expenses can easily be reconciled at the end of each month. There is even a free end-of-year summary statement to help companies with the administration of their credit card spending.

As an additional option there are business cards that earn rewards on purchases for the company. The points can be redeemed on useful categories like free air travel, gift cards to restaurants, at retailers, cruises and for leisure like sports activities. This additional credit card offer attracts a fee of $25 per annum for each account. As an incentive the card comes with a generous 0% interest for the first 6 months and after that the rate rises to 13.24% APR. This rate seems to be applicable only to desirable Premier customers, while a less generous 21.24% APR is charged for companies that do not qualify as Premier customers. The grace period is 25 days from the billing cycle closure.

The HSBC Corporate Card has lower processing and tracking costs, provides more detailed information on transactions performed and has additional fraud and misuse protection.

First Premier Bank Credit Card
First Premier Bank Credit Card

First Premier Bank Credit Card

Looking for First Premier Bank credit cards? www.mypremiercreditcard.com is the First Premier Credit Card page for pre-approved credit card offer applications that you may have received in the mail. The purpose of that page is to redirect you to the application for the First Premier credit card in a particular offer. However with the www.mypremiercreditcard.com offer you may qualify for additional offers below. See how your offer compares to other top offers below. If you received a pre-approved offer it is very likely you are pre-approved to apply for a better offer below. Important: Be sure to review and compare the fees and penalties in your offer. Offers for consumers with bad credit or no credit histories have been known to include heavy fees.

As the whole world feels the pinch from the crumbling economy, the chance of slipping into credit card, or any other debt is ever easier. Sometimes circumstances can leave you in a position of having a bad credit score, or even neglect on a previous debt. Whether it is your fault or not, receiving credit after can be difficult. There are now many “bad credit, credit cards”. One such card is the First Premier Bank Classic Credit Card.

The big problem with many of these bad credit credit cards is that they come at a high price. The company knows that they may be your last chance, and if you are desperate will take any deal on offer. Many see these kinds of offers as nothing other than glorified loan sharking, while others claim they are a vital step back onto the first rung of the credit ladder. While not being the worst of these cards the First Premier Bank Classic still asks a lot for what it is, and does not give much in the way of perks and features.

Expect to be on the end of some very extortionate fees when you receive your First Premier card. However, firstly, the one plus side of this card is that it requires a poor credit score to be accepted, anything below 620 is considered. If you are even applying for this card then it is evident that you have been turned down elsewhere, and thus this could be your last port of call. The good news is you will probably be accepted for the First Premier Bank Classic Credit Card. The bad news is that the company know this too, and are in a position to do something like charge an annual fee of $50 (Which is higher than many upmarket cards), and give APR’s of 19.9% on both balance transfers and purchases. Another factor is you will not be treated to very considerate credit increases, with a charge of 50% of the credit increase.

Another shock may come in the guise of the fees that will already come loaded on the card, often as much as $200. All these financial restrictions mean that the First Premier Bank Classic Credit Card is purely for rebuilding you credit worthiness, if you want to be purchasing regularly, stay well clear of this card. If you pay your bills on time, and clear the fees then you will slowly rebuild your reputation.

So this like any other bad credit credit card is to be avoided by all accept the most in need of rebuilding their score. Do not consider it as a classic credit card that may reward a purchase, in fact you may end up getting stung by regular purchases; instead keep your limit low and pay on time. In reality a card like this should be avoided at all costs, firstly by preventing getting into a situation where you need to apply for a bad credit credit card.

Credit One Bank Credit Card
Credit One Bank Credit Card

Credit One Bank Credit Card

The Credit One Bank credit card’s range is aimed at people who have either had financial problems in the past and therefore poor credit histories or people who have not been able to build up a credit rating, yet.

Unfortunately, without signing up to their online application system, the bank won’t show potential customers what cards they could choose from for their particular circumstances and what terms these cards entail – a rather silly approach given who the cards are aimed at and considering the competition in the credit card market.

Credit One Bank Visa Platinum Card:

The card does require customers to have a credit rating and is aimed at people with poor rating looking for an unsecured card. The online approval process may be quick and fairly painless, but not showing a customer what they might potential be in for is hardly putting that customer in a position to become a “more responsible spender” in the future.

The card has high annual fees (from $75 to $99 depending on the credit limit granted) and a high APR from 23.9% to 26.9%, depending on a customer’s creditworthiness at the time of signing up. The cash advance fees are reasonable at 3%, but the APR of 23.9% is rather high. A free monthly online credit scoring is included with the 3 main credit rating companies being regularly updated. The credit limit available is up to $1,000. The card aims at people who wish to repair their credit rating. The grace period is 25 days and as long as balances are paid in full on the due date, there is no interest charged.

Credit One Classic Visa Card:

This card also has no introductory APR rate but an APR of 23.9%. There is no fee payable. The card does not offer an introductory period for balance transfers and is therefore more suitable for people wishing to build up a credit rating rather than someone wishing to sort out their credit card debts. The cash advance fee is reasonable at 3% with a minimum of $5.00 advance, however the 23.9% APR is a bit high.

Credit One Visa Black Card:

This card also has an APR of 23.9% without an annual fee being payable. There are no introductory periods for balance transfers either and no grace period for payments within a specified time. The credit limit is up to $1,000, but there are automatic credit line increase reviews and free monthly online credit scoring included. This card is perhaps most suitable for those who have been scorched in the past and are now more responsible in their spending, paying off their card bills in full on the due date.

It is debatable how much benefit potential customers will derive from these unsecured cards with such a high APR and absolutely no introductory period to “ease” them into the deal. The fact that no information is available until one has undergone an initial credit check is a bit disconcerting.

See also Bad Credit Credit Cards.

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