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ABNB Visa Platinum Reward Card

ABNB Federal Credit Union Visa Platinum Reward Credit Card Review

ABNB Visa Platinum Reward Card

ABNB Visa Platinum Reward Card

It can be a very wise move to choose a rewards credit card with a credit union, as you get both rewards for your purchases and highly competitive rates of interest. The ABNB Federal Credit Union is now offering a Visa Platinum Reward credit card; this guide explores this credit card and payment options for existing card owners.

Visa Platinum Reward Credit Card

This credit card combines an attractive rewards scheme and highly reasonable interest rates and terms, so you can earn points as you spend and take benefit from no transaction fees and no balance transfer fees.

ABNB Credit Card Rewards

ABNB have partnered with UChoose Rewards to offer points-based rewards with this credit card. Many credit unions across the U.S. provide UChoose Rewards, and this scheme gives you access to a massive range of rewards, such as holidays and adventuring, gift cards, event tickets and much more. This card offers you points as you spend, and you can check with the UChoose Rewards website to see the amount of points you need to achieve the many different rewards available.

Interest Rates and Fees

This card comes with an annual fee of $25, unless you make more than 6 transactions or spend over $500 in 12 months, which makes the annual fee easily avoidable. Applicable interest rates vary between 9.49% and 17.99%, so if you have an excellent credit score you can secure a very low rate and gain rewards at the same time. Late payment fees and overlimit fees are a maximum of $25. The grace period is 25 days. If you pay off your purchases in full within the grace period you pay no interest.

Credit Card Payment Options

If you want to pay your credit card bills by phone or mail, consult your billing statement or sign into the [email protected] online banking service. You can pay by travelling to any ABNB Federal Credit Union Branch in Norfolk, Chesapeake and Virginia Beach, or you make a transfer from any other bank that you have an account with.

There are a number of online payment options. You can make a transfer from an ABNB account for logging into [email protected], or you can make an online transfer from other checking or savings accounts by signing into onlineaccessplus.com. This service lets you pay your bills, print out statements and manage your account in general. Payments with this service take a maximum of 5 days to clear. More information can be found by following this link.

ABNB Federal Credit Union

You only need to be a resident of South Hampton Roads, VA to become a member of ABNB. You do not have to be a member of any particular organization. ABNB put their members before their profits and so you can expect useful financial solutions with really helpful terms and conditions. The first step to become a member is to sign up for an account; after that you can apply for credit.

Priceline Rewards Visa Card
Priceline Rewards Visa Card

Priceline Rewards Visa Card

Interested in the Priceline credit card? Are you a frequent traveler looking for a new credit card to help you save money? The Priceline Credit Card is now available, and this review gives you details on their credit card range, what rewards and savings opportunities are available with them, and online account management capabilities. This card functions as a general purpose credit card.


Priceline.com is an online shopping site that lets you compare between all things travel, helping you to find the best deal and get a good range of discounts for all related products and services. From searching to a hotel quickly to planning a long term cruise, Priceline makes holidays and traveling as affordable as possible, and the new Priceline Credit Card can take those savings even further.

Priceline Rewards Visa Card

The Priceline Rewards Visa Card offers attractive benefits that can really make your loyalty to Priceline worth the effort. You get 2 points for every dollar you spend where Visa is accepted. You also get 5 points for every dollar you spend on applicable Priceline ‘Name Your Own Price’ purchases. These rewards can be redeemed to save money on car rentals, airlines, and hotels, or you can simply take these points and turn them into statement credits, effectively allowing you to buy anything with your points. Furthermore you get 0% interest on balance transfers for the first 15 billing cycles after account opening. If you are a first-time Cardmember with a new account, you get 5000 points for your first purchase too, and 5000 bonus points are applicable for transferring a balance.

Priceline Rewards Visa Terms and Conditions

The Annual Percentage Rate for purchases and balance transfers varies between 14.99% and 21.99% depending on your credit score. Cash advance APR is 25.24. APR will vary according to the Prime Rate. Penalty APR up to 30.24%. Minimum interest charge $2. No annual fee. Late payment fee and returned payment fee up to $35 each. You can avoid paying interest on your next balance is you pay the current balance before the due date (23 days). Complete terms and conditions information can be found on the credit card’s website.
This card is competitive with most general purpose credit cards.

Priceline Credit Card Payment Options

Priceline offer many options for paying your credit card bill. Like many other card providers, Priceline let you manage your credit card account with ease and simplicity thanks to the online account service.

Dispute Resolution

To dispute a transaction on your account, you may call Barclaycard or write them at the address listed in the cardholder agreement within 60 days in which the charge appears on your billing statement. Cardholders of the Priceline Rewards Visa card must agree to binding Arbitration as the sole method of dispute resolution.

Lexus Pursuits Visa Credit Card
Lexus Pursuits Visa Credit Card

Lexus Pursuits Visa Credit Card

Considering the Lexus Pursuits Visa credit card? There are many lines of credit available when you make vehicle purchases, and this review will help you decide whether the Lexus Credit Card is the best option for you. Information is given on credit plans and rewards options, terms and conditions.

Lexus Pursuits Visa Credit Card

Like many automotive companies, Lexus provide financial services to help make their products and services affordable for customers. While outside the realm of regular buying/leasing finance options, the Lexus Credit Card can still be used to help reduce costs, and thanks to Visa it is also a very good credit card for general use.

The Lexus Pursuits Visa Credit Card has a point scheme which allows you to build up points over time on purchases and then redeem them for Lexus product and services. The point scheme provides 1.5 points per dollar spent on all purchases where Visa is accepted, and 5 points per dollar spent when you spend at participating Lexus dealerships. Once you have accrued enough points you can redeem them for money off any Lexus parts or accessories, or for discounts on vehicle servicing.

If you are planning to purchase or lease a Lexus in the future, then you can plan ahead and use the points you earn on the credit card to get you a discount of up to 10%.

This card also offers auto rental collision damage protection and purchase protection for damaged products. Being a Visa credit card you get access to Visa Signature events (fine wine and food events and exclusive savings), and exclusive rental and travel offers. For example, you can get free catering with Bluestar Jets, free shipping at Nine West, free upgrades to premier rooms with Hotel 71, and many other Signature offers.

Lexus Credit Card Terms and Conditions

The purchase and balance transfer APR will range from 11.99% to 16.99%, variable and for cash advances the APR is 20.24% variable. Minimum interest charge is $2. No annual fee. Late payment and returned payment fees are up to $35.

Online Payments – Yes

The Lexus online card account allows you to manage your credit account and make payments. You can arrange single payments, future payments, and monthly payments with this service.

Cabela's Club Visa Credit Card
Cabela's Club Visa Credit Card

Cabela’s Club Visa Credit Card

Considering the Cabela’s Club Visa credit card? Cabela’s is a clothing and merchandise retailer, specializing in outdoor activities such as trekking, camping, boating, fishing and hunting. It is a large and successful company offering hundreds of thousands of products, and if you often make purchases for the outdoors, then applying for a Cabela’s Club Visa grants you a number of exclusive rewards and points schemes you won’t find anywhere else. This review outlines the Cabela’s Club Visa Card, its rewards, percentage rates, charges and other terms.

Overview of Cabela’s Club Visa Credit Card

The Cabela’s Club Visa Credit Card is an unlimited points-based card which gives you a percentage of what you spend back, and low APR for Cabela’s purchases. The card does not just give points for Cabela’s purchases, it rewards for purchases made anywhere. These points can be redeemed at Cabela’s online or in-store.

If your application is successful, then you are given $20 worth of points, and after five transactions outside of Cabela’s you are given a further $10 in points. For Cabela’s purchases you are given 2% back, and for purchases made anywhere else you are given 1% back. There is no limit on when you can spend your points as long as your account remains in good standing, so you can build up a significant number of points over time and use them to get a big saving.

Free shipping is available for Club credit card holders. The Bonus Points Network provides you with offers from hundreds of other retailers nationwide, and a list of participating retailers can be found on the website. You can upgrade your Club account to a Visa Signature program which gives you larger points percentages on your purchases, plus travel services. Purchases made at Cenex provide 2% back.

Cabela’s Club Visa Credit Card Interest Rates and Terms

The APR for Cabela’s purchases is 9.99%, and between 15.24% and 18.24% for all other purchases, subject to your creditworthiness. The APR is 25.24% for balance transfers and cash advances. Fees for transfers and advances are the largest of $10 or 4% of the amount. Late payment fee/ payment return fee $35. The grace period for not paying interest is 25 days after the last bill. Unlike many other store credit cards that generally carry high interest rates, the Cabela’s Club Visa credit card matches up well with general purpose credit cards such as the Discover It card.

Virgin America Visa Signature Card
Virgin America Visa Signature Card

Virgin America Visa Signature Card

Interested in the Virgin America Visa Signature Card? Barclaycard US is a popular provider of co-branded credit cards, and one popular choice that this review explores is the Virgin America Visa Signature Credit Card. This card has a number of benefits and advantages, and loyalists of Virgin America will likely find this card useful. The reward scheme is generally good, and the perks you get are enough to gain you some pretty good rewards on a frequent basis.

Virgin America Rewards

Virgin America is the U.S. domestic arm of Virgin, and the ‘Elevate’ frequent flyer program is available with Virgin America flights only. Virgin Atlantic operates a different frequent flyer program and you cannot earn or redeem Elevate rewards on such flights, so do not confuse the two.

–      Points: This card offers 3 points per dollar spent on Virgin America, and 1 point per dollar everywhere else that Visa is accepted.

–      Bonus Points: You receive 10,000 bonus points when you make your first purchase, and a maximum of 5,000 bonus points when you make a balance transfer within the first 30 days. If you spend $25,000 on standard purchases in a year you get an extra 10,000 bonus points.

This is a potentially beneficial rewards scheme for frequent domestic flyers with Virgin America. However, domestic services are often limited and Virgin are a more expensive airline, and because you don’t get the good rate of 3 points per dollar on anything but Virgin America flights, you may miss out if you are forced to use another airline.

So, if you are loyal to Virgin and their excellent in-flight services and you plan ahead, you can capitalize on the big amount of points you are able to earn and benefit from no blackout dates or seat restrictions. If however you want to earn points with a larger number of airlines, or you are not loyal to Virgin, other frequent flyer credit cards may be more suitable.

Other Benefits and Perks

This card offers 0% APR on balance transfers for 15 billing cycles, which is a good length of time for those with a large balance to transfer and save money on. As a Visa Signature credit card you get access to a number of great benefits, including a 24/7 personal concierge service which can help you book tickets, and even provide event recommendations. The normal credit card version comes with a $49 annual fee, though there is a no annual fee option which comes with fewer bonus points.

Disclosures and Fees

The standard APR for balance transfers and purchases is either 15.99% or 24.99%, depending on your credit history. The first rate is good but the second rate isn’t, and there is also a fairly high cash advance rate of 25.24% and a penalty APR rate of 30.24%. Full terms can be found here.


This card can be very rewarding for big spenders who are loyal to Virgin America, but there are many other options that offer better flexibility and reward options.



Card issuer Visa is, after MasterCard, the most popular choice world-wide with hundreds of thousands of locations accepting the card. There is a huge selection for customers to choose from and it will depend on your financial circumstances and lifestyle options, which card will suit you best.

Range of Cards:

Most banks across the world offer at least one or more Visa cards – from classic, no nonsense cards, reward and cashback cards to student cards, charity and causes cards to gift and prepaid cards.

IberiaBank for example offer four different types of Visa credit cards alone, from classic to gold to platinum, depending on financial circumstances and what type of card is best suited to one’s lifestyle. Many of Visa’s cards do not charge an annual fee, and many have very generous terms on balance transfers and purchases when it comes to introductory periods.

Traditional Visa credit cards can come with or without rewards like air miles, hotel accommodation or discounted brand-name products or cashback schemes. The Signature Line of cards goes a step further as rewards can be reaped on wide ranging travel, entertainment and dining out, leisure and sport events and online shopping. Card members also enjoy an around the clock concierge service that can help them with travel arrangements and other matters.

The Signature Line also offers 90 days purchase protection to customers, rental car coverage and travel and emergency assistance.

Visa student cards are issued by Citi (Citi Forward and Citi Platinum Select Visa Card for College Students for example, Wells Fargo’s College Visa Card, SECU Credit Union of Maryland Visa Card and Journey Student Rewards from Capital One Visa Card among others.

What APR is charged or what annual fees are applicable depends on the financial institution issuing the card, as do the amount of reward points one can earn or the schemes against which they can be redeemed.

Business credit cards also come in a selection and commercial customers can choose from Signature Credit Cards, Business Credit Cards and Visa Business Debt cards. Depending on which one a business customer chooses, benefits for the business can be extended credit terms before the monthly balance needs to be paid, savings on regular purchases like travel, Zero liability on fraudulent behaviour by employees or when the card is stolen, auto rental collision damage waivers, travel and emergency assistance and much more. See also, Business Credit Cards for new business.

Using a Visa card for business can often mean improving the cash flow when times are hard. With up-to-date account information on spending being readily available, a small company can manage larger purchases better by either paying off the amount in the stipulated time that is granted before interest is charged or by paying off in “chunks” to suit cash flow.

For the ultimate in luxury credit cards see the Visa Black Card.

Visa Black Card

Visa Black Card: Not Your Father’s Credit Card

Visa Black Card

Visa Black Card

Exclusivity sells, and the marketing team behind Barclays Bank’s new Black Card is hoping that the lure of exclusivity will push their new entrant to popularity. The premise behind the card is not new; in fact, comparisons to the “other” black card from American Express are unavoidable. Consumers who are seeking a new credit card may be wondering how the Visa Black Card will fit into their current financial planning.


The major selling point of the Visa Black Card is that it is in very limited circulation. Roughly 1% of Americans are expected to qualify for the card, and the requirements include a reasonably high income and excellent credit rating. The target market is consumers who are spending more than $50,000 per year with the card. These requirements will automatically limit distribution of the card.

A second factor in the exclusivity is the material of the card itself. Disdaining regular plastic, the designers of Barclaycard have built the card from carbon. It is unlikely that customers will see this from other cards in the near future. The color and the composition of the card will make it instantly recognizable, and this cachet will be attractive to some customers.


Perhaps the best feature of the card is the access that all users will get to concierge services. Available 24 hours per day and seven days per week, the dedicated service very nearly acts as a personal travel assistant. Whether a customer is in need of urgent travel arrangements, concert tickets, or a reservation at an exclusive restaurant, the helpful staff is always on standby to support. Outside of the normal travel and business planning, the team can help in locating special gifts, services, and even research tasks. Current reviews of this service are universally positive.

Other rewards for the Black Card include 1% cash back on purchases, access to airport lounges, redemption of frequent flier miles without blackout dates, and luxury gifts to cardholders.

Finally, Visa Black Card has learned one valuable lesson from American Express, and offers increased travel protections. The card carries insurance for rental cars, trip cancellation/delay insurance, and more.


No card is perfect, and the Visa Black Card has its faults. First, the annual fee may put off some potential customers. At $495 per year, the fee is rather high. However, offsetting the costs of the fee against the benefits offered shows that this may be reasonable. The savings on rental car insurances alone can be considerable for frequent travelers, and a heavy user of the concierge services will find sufficient value to cover the annual fee.

Second, bear in mind that the airport lounge access is limited to only four visits per year for cardholders. Heavy travelers who are very interested in this feature may be better served by another card.

For comparison shoppers, the Visa Black Card will visually be compared to the American Express Centurion card, but from a performance standpoint is much closer to the American Express Platinum. The AMEX has a $450 annual fee, with many of the same features. Review both cards with respect to your spending patterns, travel habits, and financial needs. See the Visa Black Card specs below.

Simmons First Visa Platinum Credit Card
Simmons First Visa Platinum Credit Card

Simmons First Visa Platinum Credit Card

The Simmons First Platinum credit card a general credit card offered by Simmons First National Bank has some attractive features. Card membership offers a low introductory APR and a variety of services including travel insurance, car rental loss and damage waiver, and emergency cash and card replacement service. The card does not come with any rewards program. You need to have excellent credit to meet the requirements for this card.


The Simmons First Platinum Visa card comes with an attractive introductory APR rate of 7.25%. This is a variable rate and fluctuates with the prime rate. See also, Simmons First Platinum Rewards Card.

Global Acceptance

Credit Card Review

Credit Card Review

The Platinum card from Simmons First National as a Visa card has wide acceptance on a global scale. You can use the card at automated teller machines (ATMs) worldwide anywhere Visa is accepted. Click Here to Apply Now


Every cardholder is automatically enrolled in the credit card’s travel accident insurance. Travel insurance coverage is $1,000,000 for accidental death or dismemberment of any cardholder traveling on a common carrier such as an airline, train, bus, or cruise line when the tickets were purchased with the Simmons First Platinum card. There is no additional charge for this service. If you are a cardholder and you rent a car using your Simmons card you don’t have to worry if your rental car is lost, damaged or stolen as it is covered by the car rental loss/damage waiver. To be covered the cardholder must have declined the auto rental’s collision damage waiver option. Another service which could come in handy if you are traveling and you lose your Simmons credit card is an emergency cash and credit card replacement service. The cardholder must have reported the card lost or stolen and other restrictions or limitations may apply.


There is no annual fee associated with this card. There is a 25 day grace period for any interest arising from purchases made with the card. If payment is made in full within 25 days of the cycle closing date no interest is charged on a cardholders account. Finance charges on convenience checks and cash advances begin on the day of the transactions. If payment on a Simmons platinum account is received late there is a penalty APR rate added to the account which stays in place for a minimum of six months. If you travel overseas Simmons does charge a fee for any foreign transaction. There is also a 3% fee for any cash advance with a $50.00 maximum. If you are late with a payment or a check is returned there is a $25.00 late fee. There is also a service fee of $12.00 if you involve customer service in getting a payment expedited. Click Here to Apply Now. See also, Discover Card and American Express Card.

READYdebit Prepaid Visa Card
READYdebit Prepaid Visa Card

READYdebit Prepaid Visa Card

If you are looking for a good prepaid credit card then the READYdebit Prepaid Visa Card could be the option for you. Designed for those who have been refused credit elsewhere, the card serves as a good way to build your credit rating either after falling into unmanageable debt or by never having the means to begin a credit history. Working in a similar way to a pay as you go mobile phone, prepaid credit cards give you the chance to only spend what you put in, allowing you to manage what you spend and owe more easily.

So why opt for a Prepaid card? Well simply they may be your only chance to be on the credit ladder, and with banks more unlikely to give out on poor credit scores than ever before the prepaid market is growing.  A prepaid card will allow you to build your credit worthiness while protecting you and the lender from debt, while applications usually require no credit checks, meaning you will not have numerous failed checks against your name.

Credit Card Review

Credit Card Review

The READYdebit Prepaid Visa comes with many options; when you apply you will need to weigh up if they are to your benefit or not. While the chance to build your credit is a pro, it is not guaranteed with the READYdebit Prepaid card, because the credit reporting agency which your bill records are sent to is not considered a credit bureau by many lenders.

The problem with this prepaid credit card is that the choice of plans it offers all come at a cost, and there seems to be no plan that is a really stand out, not to be missed opportunity. In fact each option hits you in the wallet while offering little in the way of rewards or good features. You can choose between high monthly payments of up to $14.95 a month but with less fees issued against transactions, or alternatively you can opt for a lower monthly fee of fewer than five dollars, but pay more transaction fees. It goes without saying that neither carries much appeal.

The sheer breadth of plans and options means getting the best out of your READYdebit prepaid visa is confusing at best. The card offers a maximum deposit and limit of $10,000, while daily purchases cannot be higher than $2500. Of course the READYdebit gives the cardholder the chance to have a prepaid credit card that is a VISA, and as it is your money you are spending (and not incurring debt) the card becomes an able substitute for a debit card. Allowing you to withdraw up to $500 at ATM machines and make purchases, negating the need to carry cash.

If you are looking to re establish a good credit score then prepaid credit cards could be the answer, however the problem with the READYdebit Prepaid is that it cannot promise even this. And with a bewildering array of plan options, reading the fine details of your chosen plan would be a must. If you are simply looking for a solid prepaid card then this could be for you, but with the large fees it may be off putting for many.

Applied Bank Visa Business Credit Card
Applied Bank Visa Business Credit Card

Applied Bank Visa Business Credit Card

Looking for an Applied Bank Visa Business Credit Card review? The Applied Bank Visa Business card is a card you may want to avoid unless you have no other way to get a credit card for your business. The fees associated with this and other Applied Bank cards are over the top. It is to be applauded that a company offers a credit card to high risk populations but the fees associated with this card make it certain that if the credit card holder falters in any way with the use of this card they will instantly be in financial trouble.


The annual percentage rate or APR for the privilege of becoming a cardholder of the Applied Bank Visa Business card is 23.99% for both purchases and cash advances. There is no grace period with this credit card which means the minute you make a purchase you are paying interest. Most credit cards provide a grace period of 21 – 25 days so that if the cardholder can pay off the entire balance of a credit card they can do so without incurring interest charges. The card is authorized for business use only by a registered business such as a sole proprietor, or employees of a business organization. There are no introductory offers available, and no rewards programs with this card. You cannot transfer a credit balance from another card to the Applied business card. The maximum credit limit is $750.00.


Fees are the name of the game for credit cards offered by Applied Bank. If you are late with a payment your APR interest rate will immediately go up to 29.99% and stay there. There is an annual fee of $119.40 and a monthly maintenance fee of $9.95 and an account origination fee of $125.00. If you wish to use your business card for any transaction made in a foreign currency you will need to pay 3% of any transaction. Add to these fees a cash advance fee of $5.00 or 5% of each cash advance or convenience check usage, $35.00 for a late payment, returned payment, and over limit fee and you get the picture. If you want an additional card which is useful in a business there is a $30.00 additional card fee for each user. Click here for more info.

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